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We discovered a lot of access from mobile phones. So, for your convenience, we made this web-app for you. If Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Palm WebOS, Meego or Kindle, our content is presented to you:



"I will be an embedded journalist for the American Forces in Afghanistan, very soon. From there i will want to report on the action with up to date fotos. Can you arrange a smart blog for me?", asked Axel Heimken on 14.07.2011. Here you are:



So you can keep on track and search for your hospital:


Hospital search

ENFAKTOR.NET Van de Vyle GmbH won the contract to further develop a search system for patients and medical professionals.

In Germany, approx. 2.000 hospitals with around 10.000 medical departments treat more than 15.000 different illnesses and diseases.


Graphic: ENFAKTOR.NET Van de Vyle GmbH

Privacy Policy&Use

Privacy Policy

Photo: CD„safe is more“, by Ronald Leine

We respect your privacy and would like to increase your trust and confidence in using the Internet. Data protection and security belong to our highest priorities – naturally on this website, too.

Personal data

Your personal data that we hold will not be passed on to third parties. We receive your person-related data via the email-link or the contact form.


We do not use cookies.


We do not use web bugs.

Log data

The following data are collected in anonymous form and stored accordingly within the legal time limit:

  • Your current IP-adress
  • Your operating system and browser type
  • Date and time of your web access
  • The resource data material you require (example: image or text)
  • Details about the website that you have requested the data material from

These data are used to support the technical system monitoring. They are anonymous and are statistically evaluated. The statistical evaluation enables us to improve the design/lay out of our website – this is a well-known common practice.

Resource data are anonymous as long as they are not combined with other suitable data. Refer to the connection details of your internet provider, who is able to supply the necessary information for source tracing. The privacy policy, regarding the protection of connection data, is legally regulated.


On individual pages of our website you are able to send us a message with your email software or via the web form. These data are non-encrypted (the client log in is an exception). We are unable to influence what happens to the data before we receive it. Therefore, be aware that you should refrain from sending us confidential and sensitive information via these avenues.


The programming of this website has been thoroughly tested regarding the stability for various systems. We use JavaScript, Flash und Java as active contents on individual pages. These contents are not a necessity for the use of this website. You can completely deactivate the active contents in your browser.

Terms and Conditions

It is not possible to briefly summarise the legal provisions regarding the terms and conditions of use of websites due to the dynamic and international character of the internet.

In principle, the legal provisions apply.

You require our written authorisation before using or copying any information, files or data from our website.

Please contact us should you have any questions or suggestions