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QR-Code, Web-App

We discovered a lot of access from mobile phones. So, for your convenience, we made this web-app for you. If Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Palm WebOS, Meego or Kindle, our content is presented to you:



"I will be an embedded journalist for the American Forces in Afghanistan, very soon. From there i will want to report on the action with up to date fotos. Can you arrange a smart blog for me?", asked Axel Heimken on 14.07.2011. Here you are:



So you can keep on track and search for your hospital:


Hospital search

ENFAKTOR.NET Van de Vyle GmbH won the contract to further develop a search system for patients and medical professionals.

In Germany, approx. 2.000 hospitals with around 10.000 medical departments treat more than 15.000 different illnesses and diseases.


Graphic: ENFAKTOR.NET Van de Vyle GmbH


Software and media agency

Cloud Computing„Cloud Computing“, photo by Axel Heimken

The adventures of today take place on computers.
A thought from Thornton Niven Wilder

Due to 10 years of experience in designing software, we could speak of many ‘adventures’, however we will keep these to ourselves and instead we offer you solutions for your individual or standard software needs.


We develop a wide range of media and software products and concepts for our national and international clients, whether web presence, desktop software or print-product. We place particular importance on comprehensive consultation and long-term support.



Logoi of BIK and 95plus95-plus

The websites, of which ENFAKTOR.NET Van de Vyle GmbH has been a leading developer, have been externally evaluated and are rated ‘very easily accessible’ (awarded more than 95 from 100 possible points) from the BIK on the basis of BITV

A further evaluation (of this homepage):


In the overall analysis, the tested website shows excellent performance and is rated ‘Premium League’! The Accessibility Guidelines have been exemplarily implemented at the highest level. The website has been excellently realised in accordance with the Usability Principles.
qualidator.com about the ENFAKTOR.NET Van de Vyle GmbH Homepage (17.09.2010).


Individual software

We have supplied many clients with modern homepages with WCMS and connections to internal and external systems.

Standard software

We deliver network-based programs.


The applicable standards are adhered to through the precise analysis of the client’s wishes. Sometimes it is necessary for new standards to be created.

Examples can be found on our site: what we do/examples

Web 2.0

An increase of outsourcing with web services is nothing less than the start of what Scott Dietzen, CTO of BEA Systems, calls the Web 2.0, where the Web becomes a universal, standards-based integration platform. Web 1.0 (HTTP, TCP/IP and HTML) is the core of enterprise infrastructure.
Eric Knorr, December 2003, CIO Magazine

Over the last seven years, a lot has been developed and also discarded surrounding Web 2.0. We gladly pass on our experiences to our clients.


Jan Van de Vyle has been actively working in the Internet industry for the past ten years. His previous individual enterprise was integrated into ENFAKTOR.NET Van de Vyle GmbH in 2009. The aforementioned company will continue to cooperate with ENFAKTOR.NET.