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Scouting Software

Game analysis

ENFAKTOR.NET Van de Vyle developed the Scouting Software BHAS in 2009.

The IHF (International Handball Federation) contracted ENFAKTOR.NET Van de Vyle GmbH to statistically analyse the matches and game actions during the Beach Handball World Championships in Kaohsiiung (Taiwan 2009) and also in Antalya (Turkey, 2010), during which the software was successfully implemented.

Presentation of the IHF Beach Handball Working Group:

download (1,3 MB, PDF)

What we do

Ten Years of Experience

Photo: Computermouse„handcraft“, by Marc Roßkothen

Here is a brief outline of the company’s areas of competence:

Web-App for Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Palm WebOS, Meego or Kindle
Project planning and implementation
WCMS for example, Typo3 or Contenido
Sales systems or shop systems such as Magento or osCommerce
Blog system such as Wordpress
WAI and BITV (German Accessible Information Technology Ordinance, pursuant to the German Disability Discrimination Act)
Long term support
Development of ideas, product development and marketing
Targeted SEO
Various Web systems, such as Linux/Apache/MySql/PHP or Postgresql and Tomcat
Creation of protocols and sockets (often for merchandise management systems / enterprise resource planning systems with web applications)
Diverse techniques such as Java, PHP, AS3 or SQL
Individual and standard software
Accessible XHTML as output technology for monitors, mobile telephones or printers
Public Examples
Homepage, the contractor is Health Innovation Systems Ltd. & Co. KG:
Homepage, the contractor is Bundesverband DEULA e.V.:
Homepage, the contractor is Ria de Vogt:
Software for game analysis, the contactor is the International Handball Federation:
PDF download (1,3 MB, PDF)
Internet browser for children
Developer’s software
Interesting projects
Standards – the abiding standards can generally be found through an accurate analysis of the client’s wishes. When necessary, new standards can be created. Therefore, we have opted for thread-safe socket programming in Java and protocol generation for ERP with web application.:
Agravis, formerly RCG Nordwest eG (2003) – The majority of mixed fodder orders are carried out online via the successful and long-running online ordering system.
Printed products – For over six years now, our self-developed software enables the creation of a directly printable PDF from raw data, which can sent directly to a printing centre. The time needed to create an alumni catalogue is considerably reduced as only the client’s raw data from the database needs to be checked and revised.